Written by Raed Masri on Nov. 1st 2018
Silicon Valley investors are not interested in small outcomes, if you can't paint a picture where you startup be worth a billion dollars or billions of dollars, you're unlikely to get funded by VCs. So, how do you pitch your idea in way the shows the massive upside..
Written by Raed Masri on June 11th 2018
No region in the world drives more societal technology enabled change right now than the tiny peninsula in Northern California that is made up of cities like Mountain View (a town synonymous with Google and LinkedIn), Palo Alto (Facebook), San Jose (eBay, PayPal, Cisco), Cupertino (Apple), and San Francisco (Twitter, Uber, Airbnb)...
Written by Raed Masri on Feb. 17th 2018
Idea, incubation, pre-seed, seed, seed extension, post seed, small A, series A, series B, series C, D, E, F, etc, etc... what does all this mean? and why does it matter to know where you are? what do investors look for in each stage?
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